Hike-A-Thon Info and FAQ

Donate to the Hike-A-Thon here or by clicking the image below.

One piece of info for donors is to save on processing fees they can pay by echeck for a flat fee of .59 cents (otherwise is a 3.5% + the .59 cents).


Where can I find day-of hike information?

The hike will take place on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. More information to come very soon!

I want to donate to the Hike-A-Thon, how do I do that?

On our Hike-A-Thon fundraiser page, click or tap on the "Hike-A-Thon donation only" item (see screenshot below). If you want to attribute your donation to multiple students or teachers, click or tap on "Hike-A-Thon donation only" again and fill in the information appropriately.

How do I sign up my student for the Hike-A-Thon?

On our Hike-A-Thon fundraiser page, click or tap on the "Student Registration and Donation" item to sign up your student for the Hike-A-Thon (see screenshot below). If you have multiple students to sign up, click or tap on "Student Registration and Donation" again and fill in their name and teacher for as many students you are registering.

I want to ask others in my network to donate. Do you have a sample email I can use?

Here is a sample email that includes your student and teacher's name that you can use to send to your network. We also encourage including a video message of your student (sample script here) if you’re requesting donations digitally. Below is a sample video of what it can look like.

What are the goals for the Hike-A-Thon?

Our goal is for every student to raise $150 with a school participation of 80% in each classroom no matter the amount. We understand that these are challenging times but the hope is that you are able to contribute any amount to your child’s educational community and seek donations from family members, friends, and neighbors who support education.

When does the Hike-A-Thon close? When is the hike?

Our Hike-A-Thon fundraiser will run for the entire month of October, but please consider donating today. The hike is on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. More details about our hike will be announced soon, stay tuned!

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, your donations are tax deductible. Please use our tax identification number 94-6173240.